Our God... is under out feet

Several years ago, I got an idea which was so simple and clear I was absolutely sure this subject has been already studied well. However, search for this information on the Internet did not bring any results yet. We can see similar ideas meet in Vernadsky's work called “”, and in “” of James Lovelock and Sidney Epton, and in researches of Curry and Hartmanа. In this article, I've tried to describe the essence of theory I've started to comprehend. This is only my moderate opinion I don't want to thrust on anybody.

Life on the Earth - who really needs it?

Let's think together - who really need a pandemonium on the earth, except of us? Why does it exist? Just image you're the God. Would you ever waste so many resources for creation of something without any exact goal? You'd barely do it. That is our civilization has some mission. Now let's try to find a subject who could benefit from life on the earth and who could influence development of this life. Well, if you haven't guessed yet …

This being lies under our feet. This is our Planet. We used to consider the Earth just like a big stone. I believe the Planet is Nature or God in other meaning.

Our Planet is a sentient being surpassing a human by mental abilities but thinking with other categories. The planet has created everything which lays on its surface and surrounds us. It has created everything from itself with consciousness. Moreover, it supervises and continues evolution development.

The key question of the universe consists in origins of life on the Earth. The whole process, from formation of atmosphere and oceans to appearance of biological life, has lasted for billions years. A biosphere has formed on the planet surface and ensured the life of all organisms including the human. The building material for the ecosystem was provided by the planet itself. A stone surface which has been treated within million years turned into fruitful ground, microorganisms, vegetation, fauna. The scientists cannot explain its formation mechanism and reasons of stable condition. There is a term called "Nature" which can explains all changes in the biological life.
Someone controls nature. Someone who is interested in its further development and influences the earth processes directly. That is it should be a sentient being somewhere nearby.
For the scientists, the term "Nature" is similar to the God at believers. This can be described as follows:

God = Nature = Planet


The biological evolution cannot be explained by natural selection (Darvinism), population genetics (mutations), their synthesis. There is quite purposive life development. Unicellular organism cannot simply appear from chemical elements chaos. And the unicellular organism has turned into multicellular once, and then - into complex organisms. The whole evolution way, from a simple cell to the human, is influenced by external forces of the Planet in a certain order.

This is a huge being which is skyline-big and has incomprehensible for the human resource of time and knowledge.

Millenia will be like seconds in its life cycle. And for the populations living on the earth of this will be many generations. As older generations give place to new ones, new types appear and the old ones - change.

So we can say the planet is making an experiment on its surface, just like a scientist experiments with bacteria in laboratory. Selected sample and reagents are placed in a nutrient medium. Bacteria develop and fill the available space. But they have no idea neither about the purpose of their creation, nor about the creator. If the scientist is not satisfied with a result, he'll simply wash the cup and seed bacteria anew. This is a new experiment for the scientist and a flood - for bacteria. In our world, only the Planet can value the result, after having been watching the evolution for millions years.

Creation of the world by the Planet can be compared with the bible myth on creation of the world by the God within seven days. “At first, the God created the sky and the earth.” But every day lasted much longer the terrestrial one. We can hardly image how many elements have been used for creation of such harmonious and self-sufficient world, without any unnecessary species; where all beings are optimized for existence in ecosystem as much as possible. At the present development stage, the mankind cannot understand functioning of even elementary components.

Our plane, is our founder and is loves us very much. Well, this is quite natural, since we're a part of it. We can use its resources unlimitedly and are restricted by knowledge only. But we get knowledge as soon as we need it. Great discoveries are made at a right time.

If there will be a necessity to get rid of the mankind, the planet will simply raise or lower the surface temperature. The legend on the General Flood is probably not a legend, but a corrected story of a poor experiment.

Society and religion development

The planet controls not only the biological evolution course, but also takes an active part in social development of the human. The mankind progress within the recent 2000 would be impossible without religions.
The religion has focused society on the way creation and has given us an incentive for science and culture development. The main religious doctrines (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) preach belief in one God and similar moral values. I think all basic precepts were transferred by the Planet to the first prophets and written down in sacred texts for further immortalization in the Torah, the Bible, and the Koran.

But can we communicate with the Planet directly?
According to the Bible stories, the first offsprings of the mankind, from Adam to Noah, have lived for 900 years on the average. This term is comparable with the Planet’s life cycle. Perhaps, the first men were provided with information in the form of dreams or visions.

However, such a long life term could have led to quick exhaustion of the earth resources, because there would be 20 generations living at the same time. Perhaps, this is the reason why the human life has been limited by 120-160 years. Now the Planet cannot speak to each of us personally, but it prepares us for changes, while transferring information to several generations. At the right time, there will be a leader (a prophet) who will lead the society. This is the mechanism of changes.

This happened to Jesus. Nowadays we cannot to distinguish true events described in the New Testament from fictional ones. But the fact is that Jesus was the great leader and his pupils (apostles) did not yield him. However, all their efforts would be vain if people would not need this belief - belief in eternal life. The soil was prepared and waited for a seed. This could have been done to Jesus or somebody else. Sooner or later. The mankind was prepared by the Planet for changes. The time has come. No prosecutions of believers or death penalties could prevent society development.

There should be always a leader, who will guide other people. These are prophets; people who became bearers of Planet's ideas. Their activity is not always connected with the religion. Prophets send Planet's ideas in all areas of human activity: science, art, crafts. They invent mathematical laws, physical formulas, discover and invent new things, some of which can be valued only many centuries later.

Great scientists, physicists, and mathematicians, whose studies have advanced their generation, set the society development direction. They are followed like prophets. These people seem to draw ideas and inspiration from the air. This divine knowledge comes to them from the information layer of the planet. The planet controls the mankind development by them.

The Planet influences leaders in the same way. It cannot choose one person, but sets a vector only. The most active leaders will find a way to get the power. We choose our leaders on the basis of our expectations formed by the Planet. Therefore, the idea that the power belongs to God is quite reasonable. But how does the Planet influence all species?

Perhaps, the information is transferred through water.
Water is a biological life basis. Every live cell contains this substance. Hydrological water cycle in nature leads to constant circulation of water between ocean, atmosphere, and terrestrial surface with the rate from one month to several thousand years. In such a way, the water can probably transfer the information from the Planet to biological species. Some disputable researches on this sphere are reviewed in " Water" movie.

Perhaps, there is some other interaction way of our mind with the Planet. Location of Earth in the solar systems influences the character of people with a certain zodiacal sign. We feel ourselves differently in different corners of the Earth. I think we get much more than simple ideas from the Earth. Can our reasonable life can proceeds in the Earth interior, where a so-called soul locates, and is our body just leading its biological life?

Most likely, the human is an absolutely independent organism, capable to live without connection with the Planet. People have already flown to the Moon and there have been no changes in astronaut mind during such a long journey, far away from the Earth. Connection with the Planet starts several generations later.

We can make an experiment to check this theory and send bacteria or other microorganisms to the space laboratory, as far away from the Earth as possible. And we can observe development of generations of this species on the planet and in space.

Mission of the mankind

Human is the wisest being on the Earth. We are at the food chain top and have no natural enemies, except of other humans. People exploit natural resources and try to get the utmost benefit from the ecosystem. All other species help us to exist, provide us with food, environment, and natural balance. But the mankind has also a mission we have no idea about, since it lies beyond our understanding. We cannot see the world our planet lives in. We cannot think with its categories. The only language we can talk to it is a language if mathematics.

We can only assume that the planet, having such enormous resources, wants to influence other space objects somehow for protection against collisions with comets and big meteorites. There have been catastrophes like this earlier and this is a real threat for us in the future. And mission of the mankind consists in protection of our planet against this danger. By rescuing is, we rescue ourselves.

Perhaps, the mankind is only an intermediate biological form. Are humans the definitive biological development form? Only the creator can answer this question; the creator, who has plans for all of us. Everything which surrounds us and we consist of the matter provided by the planet. We borrow our bodies for a while and give them back at the end of the life to turn them into earth and make it fruitful for the further life. The things which belong to us only are our mind and deeds. Our mission is to develop and to help other people and beings.

We all are a united body connected with power lines of the Planet.

Is the mankind lonely in the Universe? Or are there other wise worlds? It is quite probable there are other wise planets in the Universe which can communicate with each other. Stars and Universes born and die too; they have their lives and creator.

The human can hardly imagine any other life form, except of biological one. How can we explain that a stone is live? Therefore, the Planet has been hidden from us, while lying under our feet. But now we create artificial intellect made of silicon and expand out scope. It is time to learn something new. If it really so similar ideas will appear inherently, in different corners of the world and in different languages. Because the Planet has already prepared us for it.

Author: Vadim Nefedov

godearth.org 2017-04-26


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